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Things Not to Say at a Funeral…

A few friends and I were at a funeral a couple of years back for a buddy’s grandfather. It was a very sad day and we are all trying to be as up-beat as possible and be there for our friend. To take our minds off things, we were talking about inappropriate things to say at a funeral… which is an awful topic for anyone to eaves drop on.

We sat for a while and quoted some good movie lines, came up with a few funny stories but ultimately we sat there and listened to family members tell stories of a man who truly lived a great life.

At the conclusion of the service my buddy walks up to our friend (whose grandmother was recently widowed) and said the worst thing I’ve casino online ever heard at a funeral…

“So I hear your grandmother is back on the market.”

We were all flabbergasted. We sat there in silence waiting for a response as this is not a typical thing to say to anyone at a funeral. Soon, a giggle was let out which signaled an all clear. The comment was taken the way it was intended… to lighten the mood a bit. We all agreed, however, it was in bad taste, but he claims he was “just stating the facts.”

This defiantly tops the cake on the worst things you could say at a funeral. Luckily we have all known each other long enough to understand each others sense of humors, but in any other circumstance, this could have gone terribly wrong. I do have to say though, at a funeral, how light to you really expect the mood to be?

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